Tips On How YOU Can Succeed At Sugar Daddy Dating

Why I Wrote This Book

Scarlet Amor, Author

I was hoping my story would have a happy ending… and it did (kinda)!

My happiness comes from sharing my disastrous dating mishaps in hopes that it will soothe and brighten the broken hearts of other women that FAILED at attempting to date a Sugar Daddy.

Considering that a majority of the women on these dating websites DO NOT succeed with their dreams of dating a millionaire, I figured my story will have value.

I encourage women to realize they are not alone in their losses, to remind them they ARE valuable even if a rich man never bid on them, and help them remember that true love can never be bought or sold.

In the meantime, I have gathered a list of RESOURCES for ambitious Sugar Babes and Daddies who are continuing on this adventure for you to discover what dating sites are the best out there, courses on how to be a successful Sugar Babe, and other books and memoirs on the subject.

Good luck with your search! And enjoy reading my book, “Sugar Daddy Dating Fail : My Disastrous Attempt At Seeking An Arrangement” by Scarlet Amor.

About The Author

Scarlet Amor

Scarlet Amor is an author, online educator and muse on sex, love and dating for spiritual hipsters, sexy singles and classy entrepreneurs.

Scarlet writes about romantic intimacy and modern relationships as a path of personal growth and empowerment with a fun, spiritually sexy edge.

She offers an enlightening expose on the Erotic Healing Arts Industry in her books “A Gentleman’s Etiquette Guide to Sensual Massage” and “The Dakini Chronicles” erotica novella series.

Enjoying her retirement after eight years as a sex, love and intimacy coach, she now offers Business Mentoring for Women and has a series of eCourses and online education programs at “The University of YUM”.

Miss Amor resides by the beach in Southern California where she moonlights as a vaudeville entertainer, entrepreneur coach, and rockstar stay at home mother.

Scarlet Amor


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